Black men can’t drift

Lately i watched on almost all romanian news channels that in major cities people were paying tribute to Paul Walker, going out in the streets with the cars, lighting candles for him and talking how much good Mr.Walker did to inspire young people to do good things. This is a great thing to do, the saddest thing a young man died not even watching his kid grow. šŸ˜¦

In the same time, Nelson Mandela died…but no one payed any tribute to him.

I wonder why this difference?

  1. Is it because it was a trend on Facebook and stuff like that?
  2. Is it because this is what young people filter from media and today’s entertainment?
  3. Is it because our values are a little out of place these days?
  4. Is it because Nelson Mandela was furious, but not not fast?
  5. Is it because Nelson Mandela didn’t drift his way through apartheid?

I am truly sorry for both of them!

R.I.P. Nelson Mandela!

R.I.P. Paul Walker!

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