Plant some trees

Sunday 27.10.2013:

My family and i participated on the event “Omul Inverzeste Locul” that took place in Galati, Romania and it was made possible by three organisations Salvati Delta, Ecopolis and Dorna but in the first place i will put the volunteers there.

The aim was to plant around 100-1500 acacia trees.

First we cleaned the area and boy there are lots of plastic bottles in this world!!! What could be recycled was but separately, and the garbage in another place. The area was an empty plateau at one entrance in the city.

After that we dig the holes in an organized (and not so organized ^-^) pattern, plant the trees, water and so on.

What i loved was that there were lots of young people that care about nature and ecology and worked very hard to finish the job. In fact there were people like kids around 2-3 years old to around 60 i guess.

Very funny sunday, satisfying  with great open people, out in the nature, doing something good for community and for their souls, even if some could not understand that.

The trick is to do activities like that more often and with people who didn’t ever do that (like me). Try and get as many “asleep”, i for sure, will do that.

Thank  you and see you next time! ^-^


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