Kids and Marriage

A kid brings anxiety in a couple, people told me so, i agree totally as a man. Woman are better at monotonous stuff, they resist better, period !

When a kid comes in your life it’s game over, everything you liked to do it’s gone, no more sport with the guys, no more beers in the pub, no more TV and sofa, you got work to do, you’re all focused on the little angel.

Some will freak out that they will be forced out of their little perfect world and pushed in the roller-coaster of changing diapers, burps, vomit, crying, screaming, changing diapers, yelling, changing diapers, crying and more crying day in and day out.

I was afraid i would snap, and i didn’t, you will not snap either (i really hope so), trust me guys, it’s one of those changes in life you’ll be surprised.

The coming of a child comes in your life in full force, shocking you with anxiety, but as time passes, day after day, it becomes more and more enjoyable and pleasant and a fulfilling feeling is growing each day … how can i explain best … you know … it’s exactly the opposite of marriage ! :)


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