Cut the crap !!!

Yeah, you heard me, just cut the crap !!!

If you come to this blog and you’re reading those kind of blogs in the past months, there is a pretty big chance you’re down emotionally, you don’t know what to do, your life is at the biggest cross road, you are sad, full of anxiety, you are nervous, nothing seem to function right anymore, you are hurting others and you are hurting yourself, you are in a sort of prison, you are unhappy!

And what do you do? You blame it on the others, you are whining every day thinking every second how bad are you feeling and how X or Y got you in this misery, maybe the your left eye lid is twitching thinking it’s a bad sign and you do this over and over, you are trapped in this circle of reading and listening to positive people telling you how they did to achieve happiness and the more you read, the more you feel sad and the more you think you will never have the guts to brake the chains.

And time passes and you start to feel that you did some mistakes and it’s not all others fault and the strong desire to brake those chains is diminishing now, you are thinking “it’s not that bad”, “he’s not that bad, maybe he acted like that because of me, it is i who need to be more loving”, “the boss is upset because maybe i didn’t work harder”.

But you always did you job more then necessary, you are a loving person and always were, you did what you felt it was the right thing to do, you were yourself, you were real, this is you, it’s as perfect as you will ever be and you can’t do nothing about it.

And if after you’ve read thousands of positive, life changing articles and you still feel like shit try this:

  1. Stop reading blogs of unhappy, low self-esteem, insecure mother fuckers (including mine).At least not for too long. Read, filter, apply, don’t get trapped at the reading step. Another thing about blogs is that some, in the end will try to sell you something. Others are written by people who know they have to change their lives but they have to pay the bills, they keep their day job and start writing, hoping they will make a living by that. Why is that ?! Maybe because it’s the cheapest business you can get into. You have some huge up and downs and you have experienced very powerful feelings, you have a computer, you start writing and surprise … you’re good, people follow and like your work. I am following great blogs but some, from time to time, they are so full of substance and repetitive. Some are just amazing!!! So, take the next step, apply what you thing works best for you.
  2. Stop talking about it, whining and feeling sorry for yourself and DO SOMETHING !!! Just do something about it, focus on something, start to do it and finish it! The first step is the most hard thing do to, BUT DON’T THINK, DO IT !!! We are creative beings and even if don’t believe me and you think you are the last creative person on the face of the earth, try writing, try drawing, try painting, try singing and you will be surprised what you can do and how good you will feel. If you still it’s hard for you and you can’t, try to redecorate your house, start with small things, be creative and have fun.
  3. Think less and try to feel everything around you more.
  4. Smile a lot, have fun, think positive and stay around positive people.
  5. If you feel you can do something and you want to do it, do it and don’t let anyone tell you can’t do it; those people are poison for you.
  6. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings, to talk to people, get out there and dive.
  7. Be happy and only after that you will get to make other people happy.
  8. Stop watching TV, stay on Facebook, Twitter etc. and with the face in your gadget! Go out and explore, interact with real people, it’s infinite better.
  9. Drink lots of water, exercise more, it stimulates the brain and the heart and will make you feel better, go in micro adventures weekly. Also eat good food, get a deal with local farmers for fresh and natural food and meat.
  10. Love the others the way you want to be loved.
  11. Don’t hang on people that don’t love you. Braking up is bad, but sometimes it can be the best thing it ever happened to you.
  12. Fuck comfort zone! If you are not happy, it is your prison zone. Break the chains, say NO to the things that hurt you!
  13. Be yourself, stay true to you and the others, be real, it’s the best thing it can ever happen to you … and the good things will come pouring.

Hope you’ll be alright guys, have fun and go out there and grab the happiness you deserve.

It’s not hard, you just need a good slap … or spank :)


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