Eating at work


Having a 9 – 5 job, in almost all cases put you in a bad relationship with food and it’s getting worst when you have stressful job.

So what can be your meals for the day:

  1. Not eating at all – i’m sorry but you’ll be dead soon;
  2. Any combination of 2 meals out of 3 (breakfast, lunch, dinner);
  3. 3 meals a day;

Stick with number 3 and if you go with number 2, try the breakfast-lunch combination (it’s not healthy to eat after 6 pm).

I recommend having a strong breakfast and at work a healthy lunch.

What can you eat at work:

  1. Local Micky Ds, KFCs and stuff – worst choice you can get if you go more then 4 times a month (and i’m a good guy on this one). Price around 2-5 euro;
  2. Catering – bad choice, you don’t know how fresh the food is. Price around 3-10 euro;
  3. Bakery products, pre-made sandwiches, etc. – again, do you know what they put in them, how fresh the ingredients are?! Price around 0.5-1 euro;
  4. Cooked food from home – now we’re getting serious. It’s as safe as anything and you will not have to pay for food at work (of course you may say that the price for food at work will increase the money spent for home food. Yes, but you’ll get cheaper anyway).
  5. Fresh food at work – if you have a market nearby. Check the picture, that beauty is a big salad made very fast from 1 big tomato, 2 cucumbers and 1 bell pepper and it costs only 0.5 euro. Low price but healthy!

Let’s see the budget for lunch at work in different scenarios, if you go for 4 or 5, you will pay half as much you would pay for 1, 2, 3 a month. That way you can use the money to buy a book, cycling accessories (^-^), that dress you dreamed of, to save for a great travel etc.

Remember, cheap food can be a health bomb so be wise and stay healthy!

UPDATE: Eating vegetables will not make you sleepy after lunch. When i eat meat, i always fight my way out of dream world. ^-^


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