Galati – Macin – Galati

[Saturday – 07 september 2013]

Route: Galati – Macin – Galati

Total distance: 64 km


Leg 1: Galati – Garvan – Jijila – Macin (freeking dinosaurs, see the story below)

Distance: 27 km

Time: 1:32:00

Max. speed: 38.2 km/h


Leg 2: Macin – Smardan – Braila Galati

Distance: 37 km (20 km front wind … fuck!!!)

Time: 2:14:00

Max. speed: 43.4 km/h


I crossed the Danube river at 7 am and on the ferry i met a guy around 50 years old with his bicycle. He was going to 30 km to a village to talk to the mayor for a new cycling road in the Macin Mountains. Great guy, he is part of a cycling group around 40 people from 14 years old to 50 something.

We get of the ferry, he went cycling … and off he was, i was waaaay behind, very strong guy.

So it was only me and the road, once the cars from the ferry passes you by, i was left alone with

the bicycle and the road. I can’t explain the silence, everything was so still, i could only hear the sizzling of the power lines.

Hill after hill i manage to stay on the bicycle, but half of the last hill (see the pictures) i walked … i’m not fit enough.

I catch my breath and i was back cycling and on the right side of the road there was a shepherd with his sheep. I went by two of this since i left home and no dogs came to chase me and i thought it will be ok this time also.

But suddenly, just like in SF movies, i heard some woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh sound coming towards me, i looked back and the tall grass was moving leaving a trail behind.

– I’M FUCKED !!!

I said to myself.

The brain went like clock work:

– i’m in a pretty good descend;

– i’m in a good gear;

– i’m about to be eaten by a dinosaur dog;


I cycled like there was no tomorrow,  like Lance 10 times the doping of his entire carrier, if i was in Spain i would have won 1 week in advance from the real winner.

God how the dog was running and barking, for a split second i thought him being alone with the sheep, he will want to fuck me not eat me … Jesus Christ it was an ugly mother fucker !!! I tried to scream at him, nothing happened.

After around 1 km i think, he stopped and after 3 more km, i stopped looking back. o-O

I was in Macin.

Cycling tip: i should have stopped (dogs go for moving targets … they are “Patriot” type dogs), but the bicycle between me and the lion and pray to God he wasn’t mad enough and he will lose interest in me. (If he wanted the fuck part i don’t know … i’m pretty cute). ^-^

The second leg was flat but the last 20 km were a pain because i had the wind in my face. I was struggling with my decent bike, proper gear on, cycling shirt, helmet, glasses, all the gears and i was sweating like a dog (my dog up in the hills) and there was this guy going on the other side with an old and rusty bike, going so relaxed wind in his back … he looked at me like i was some kind of masochist.

I was back home.


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