Boys and Girls

Don’t you love how wonderful two people are when they first met?

They are so sweet, so serious, so caring, so tolerant, so balanced, the perfect match.

The girls are a little different from the boys, the girls are very, and when i say very, i say they are in the ultimate phase of super attention, they’ll suck (if you’re “lucky” from the first date) every little detail in what you say and what you do and trust me, they can make your profile faster and more accurate then Facebook, Google and Twitter combined. They will make you feel comfortable but in the background, oooohh boy, lots of things happen.

The boys are more straight forward but they act very funny and a little stupid in the same time. They are not observe and act, they are more like “give your best shot from day 1” or “Pearl Harbour with how awesome i am baby !!!” (those differences goes for sex too). All they want is spend huge amounts of time with you.

Many have another approach, here is a sample discussion i heard a few times (i’ve spice it up a little):

Girl: “What do you enjoy doing?”

Boy: “I love to cook…”

[Girl thoughts: Oh shit, another Master Chef]

Girl: “What do you like to cook?”

[Girl thoughts: Don’t tell me it’s pasta and some special sauce]

Boy: “Pasta, but the great part is experimenting sauces”

[Girl thoughts: Here we go again…]

Those guys tend to be more mysterious and classy, you see, they’re bringing on the finesse, the attention to details, flava flava baby, a sauce is very refined stuff, but i can handle this, baby, i got the skills, i got the moves…

The guy could have the skills to cook, no doubt about it but what it’s more interesting is that some girls brag about this with the girl friends:

Girl 1: “Giiiirl, my guy makes some sauce …. hmmmmm …… yuuummmmyyyyy !!!”

Girl 2: “Great for you giiiirl !!! I’m jealous!”

[Girl 2 thoughts: You too girl are tired of that stinky pasta right?!]

The thing is, as time passes, people will reveal their true matter:

  • Boys will want to spend more time with the boys and to do what they enjoyed doing before they met you, the pasta will be served to you here and then and the sauce will register a downfall in quality and innovation. You are not the only one anymore and other girls are also cute;
  • Girls are still tolerate, but that doesn’t mean you have to go out with the boys anymore or do what you enjoy, we’re a couple now, we must do all things together…only her things;

The list can go on and on but don’t panic things are not as bad as they seem. This is human nature, those are the girls, those are the boys, genetically different, two worlds apart bound to be together. The idea is to stay sincere and open, don’t force things, stay cool and enjoy the record……and things will turn out for the best, aaaaaaand aaalways look at the briiiiiight siiiiide of life…^-^

P.S. Beware, if shit really hits the fan, get the fuck out!


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