Let it flow

Love and Marriage

There is a picture on the internet with an old couple with 30-40+ years of marriage and the idea was their marriage survived because they lived in an era when if something was broken people fixed it not throw it away.

Let’s get back 50-100 years ago, boy and girl start looking at each other on the sunday village dance, they dance a couple of times, chase each other up in the hills around the haystacks and get married and live happily ever after and i’m not joking. Why was that? Because they had kids, worked the fields to provide food for the family, lived in and with nature, had a strong bond with all the people in that rural community, they enjoyed every bit of that simple and fulfilling life, they had something to do but they did it in a relaxing and normal pace and if something went wrong, they tackle it with in the same normal pace. They started only with a glance, a feeling, and build on top of that together and slowly.

What have changed these days? Lots of things, we want so many unnecessary things, we are always in a hurry and miss the essence, we have a very long checklist when all we need is unity and a common goal, common to all of us not all that mumbo jambo perfect life they show you on TV.

Think about boy and girl these days and all the things they have to check or think about:

  1. what he/she really wanted to say with that?
  2. i want to call her, i’m dying to hear her voice but i won’t call because i will sound desperate;
  3. how many were before me?
  4. i will annoy the shit out of him/her to see when he/she snaps and what are the worst actions he/she will take;
  5. sex is great, but i think X was making me feel a little something more je ne sais quoi;
  6. to delete or not, the ex phone numbers?
  7. he has to stop everything he likes to do and focus all the attention on me;
  8. she/he has to stop going out with friends and maybe cut ties with family because no one can see what dirty tricks i trow on her/him;
  9. she has to obey me blindly because i’m the master of the house;
  10. i will be the greatest person on the face of the planet as long as i can (Note: sooner or later people show how they really are, so please, cut the crap and don’t lose time, life is short);
  11. 10 million more points you can think of;

So boring and very complicated if you ask me.


I learned a valuable lesson from my daughter from the first steps of her life comparing her with what i heard from other people kids waking up in the middle of the night to eat at 3+ years old, wanting to sleep with the parents in their bad and all those sort of things. We let her follow the course, slowly, not intervening too much, and we’re pretty pleased of how she sleeps and how she eats (sometimes but enough ^-^).


If you look around you, you can see that there are a lot of problems regarding the food we eat, the water we drink, Monsato is genetically altering our food, the plants we eat are full of pesticides, the animals we eat are full of hormones and poison, MGS is in all the foods especially fast-food, we have to drink bottled water (another stupid hoax), they are killing bees in America and War on Farming will begin soon.

But i see people making good changes in their life, they started growing their own food, healthy food, permaculture and other trends are in a boom and all that matters for that healthy food is not to put “poison” in the soil to get better and better crops, not to feed the animals with steroids, not doing all the mechanized and industrialize steps in food growing.

I don’t think Mother Earth can’t feed us all, i think it’s a lie and in fact she can’t feed us all with someone pulling the strings for the food and water of the humans.

Conclusion (mine at least)

If you want any system to grow in harmony with all around, to settle down on a healthy path and evolve as time passes, you should not intervene more than it is necessary, everything in nature follow a course, a flow of energy that surrounds us and it is inside of us all.

We will turn to enjoy simple things in life and find that joy in things we don’t imagine with this life style.


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