The girl with the flower tattoo

“The great power of youth is what you question the time wasted by a thousand fools” – i think it’s Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

It was this year early summer, the sun was up but it was a little cold and in the bus stop i saw a young girl, around 14-16 year old, with some colorful flowers tattooed on her right arm, and booooy she was so proud of her tattoo.

Nothing out of ordinary except the shirt had no sleeve although everybody had  long sleeve according to the weather.

The girl was obviously cold but all she wanted to do is show off her tattoo, despite the weather and other factors. She persuaded her parents one year, day by day to let her get a tattoo, she went slow with school because all she could think of was to get a tattoo, she just wanted that day to put on Facebook or Twitter the picture with her tattooed arm, nothing existed in the world anymore.

The point is that there are so many young people that really waste their time with such unnecessary activities, drinking, taking drugs, playing too much video games, spending so many time with their eyes in the computer, smartphone, Facebook etc. that can result these days in much more dangerous situations then a few years/decades ago.

Yes, i sound like my parents, like your parents but God they were so right and i am now in this vicious circle to tell the young guys what i rejected when i was at their age.

You can tell that this is since the world exists but can’t we really make them understand? The world now is much more dangerous, you can’t even let kids play with each other behind the block, they don’t interact face to face, they don’t know how to behave and how to react in different real life situations.

I think only us we can change that, and is our responsibility to change our life style in order to make our kids life more interactive with nature and people.

You can’t help your children and you’re not making his life better if you work 9 till 9, 6 days a week, leave them with someone that really cares about the paycheck because they have to raise their kids also, give them junk food and poisoned food, buying all the toys in the commercials but not giving them love.

Take it slow, go out in nature with your kids, cycle, have fun and enjoy life as it supposed to.


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