Diaspora: the social network for feelings

I am no avid social network user, i had a Facebook account but i delete it way back, i use some Twitter and Flikr and Diaspora.

For those who don’t know, Diaspora  (D* for short) is an open source social network similar but very different in the same time to Facebook and Twitter. I won’t go in technical details, but here are some differences/similarities in functionalities:

  • Your stream of posts are based on hash tags you follow that you setup in the settings and on people you follow;
  • The followers can be organized in aspects like family, friends, work, etc.;
  • The posts flow more like Twitter but with no limit on character per post;
  • You can see in separate pages your activities (actions you make), your notifications (if people liked, commented, reshared your posts), your mentions, your direct messages;
  • There is an Android app you can get via F-Droid, not very mature but did the job. The most annoying thing is when you have notifications pending the area for the button to show those is so tiny that you have to touch it with a human hair. After the first 10-30 tries it will work. ^-^

Now the special things that put D* above all social networks:

  • All the data you put on D* it’s yours, so it’s privacy at it best;
  • It’s made by people with open ideology in mind and used in general by people who embrace openness and people who don’t like other Facebook & Co. services;
  • People don’t share pictures made with the cell phone in the bathroom mirror, pictures with their dog or cat with sunglasses on, pictures with the vacation you probably never will afford to go, etc.;
  • People share things that they really care about or they really hate, the posts are true and with some kind of personal touch;
  • The comments on my posts are at the subject and very helpful, no bull**** and rude stuff;
  • People share what they really are, not what they want other people to see;
  • People share their feelings.

You would ask why another social network, i thought the same, but think about people enjoying tones of stuff, tones of things that make them happy or feel like home and i think this is the case with social networks, if you think you’ll enjoy it or want to explore other things, please sign up.


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