On religion and us

It’s funny how people that cherish the exact same thing end up fighting with each other.

This is the case of religion in my opinion and how the real way of seeing it was manipulated right in front of our eyes.

Lets have a quick analysis of the similarities that all religions have in common:

  •  a supreme God;
  • many Sub-Gods (Saints);
  • making of the earth and beings;
  • sins;
  • floods;
  • resurrection;
  • commandments;
  • an urge to do good things and to live in peace and harmony with all around us, being plants, animals, nature, people;
  • the desire to raise the children in a calm climate, in peace and happiness;
  • and the list goes on.

But in fact, what are we doing?! We are diverted for the right way  by the fear of some frustrated folks that only care to secure their wealth. They have the means to steer us like cattle, to keep us divided and in permanent conflict, to feed us with television and garbage thinking that the Earth could not support the growing number of people.

No, the Earth can’t support us by today standards because we can’t live all like sardines in apartments buildings, go to a 9 till 5 job that in fact is a 9 till 8 job that you hate but you have to go to because you have the pay the rent or  worst the mortgage, taking you kids years and years to a school that only teach them what some want them to be teached and eat only what the chemical companies gave us to eat.

Their biggest fear is the people will unite in a collective consciousness and then, the things at the bottom of the list above will really happen.

It doesn’t matter how you call your God or how many you have or how big is your church because in fact we all want the same good thing.

I’m not against church and i’m not against anyone’s deity, what i found fishy is the way people are controlled through religion.

Look at the mayans, the priests diverted the people thoughts that their crops are the result of their prayers and sacrifices, and everything was good, the sun was up, it was raining ok, people were working, crops were growing, the priests were doing nothing and were feed by the people, oh boy, the good ol’ days. And then, the rain didn’t came and the priests made more and more sacrifices and things were getting messy. Every month no rain, more and more sacrifices, the people were hungry and desperate. But, some free thinkers realized that something is wrong, and maybe there is no real connection with the rain and hearts ripped from people chest and if they go away to places with more rain they can grow food and survive……and they went away…..and they survived.

What i suggest is lose this religion conflict crap, live more in the nature and respect her, unite your forces with each other and do something good for each other.

Good luck!


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