The bad thing about smartphones

It was a beautiful summer day, my wife and I, along with a couple of friends had done a walk on the beach and at one point came to a terrace to have a drink and to grab something to eat. and eat something.

 While waiting for our food, as I have a bad habit to observe the world around, I see at a distant table, a father with his son.

 They sat quietly, not talking to eachother and I thought they were waiting for the food and but as I watched closely i started noticing the details. .

The boy, a young lad about 14-18 years (the rage period), was only standing with the eyes in a smartphone and the father was only watching him.

The picture started to take shape and I began to feel the scene. The father had taken his son in a father-son hangout to discuss “like the boys”, to get closer, but the boy was all his eyes and hands on the phone. I thought was an age-defying gesture, or simply him, like all other smartphone owners merely keep an eye on your phone. No one looks up anymore, nobody watches a tree, a bird, people around, everyone is on the internet all hands and eyes on the phone.

But it was the look of the father that struck me most. He wasn’t looking at his boy with saddness that the day is ruined by the stupid smartphone and maybe they won’t find another day like this very soon, maybe the boy was going the next week at college in another town or country, maybe the boy will conclude that “it sucks going out with my father” , he was looking just like a father, happy at least his son is enjoying whatever he is doing there.

As an avid internet user since 1998 and evanghelist of technology and the freedom of information and so thirsty for knowledge i feel very bad for those fathers and for all the people looking at those little screens and missing all the great live action around them.

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