Just two people that might have a huge impact on your life

They sure have a huge impact on mine.

In my quest for ways to improve a dull life and motivate myself, i started reading about people alive enough to stop just existing in this life and started really living this life and i come across this article about Heinz Stucke (you can also check the official website).

I read all five pages three times in a row and after i finish this post i’ll read them again.

Basically Mr. Stucke traveled the world by bicycle for 48 years, yes, 48 years! That pretty much sums it up huh?!

Please read the article above and then come back, i’ll be here.

Another very interesting person is Alastair Humphreys, an adventurer, author and motivational speaker who traveled around the world by bicycle for 4 years, costing him only 7000 pounds. Going around the world by bicycle it’s not his only great adventure, on his website you can find them all.

I see two great things in Alastair’s website, first is that he doesn’t enter in too much unnecessary technical details about planning  an adventure, things that will disarm you from the start and he’s focusing on the most important stuff like setting your mind right and just go, get up and go. The second thing is that he shows that you don’t need to climb the highest mountain but you can have microadventures, like going on foot around a highway or going after work straight to swim in a river, little things that can make a big difference for your soul.

Read about them and others like them and after that ask yourself : do they need 3 cars, 2 mortgages, satellite TV, the latest iPad and 3 closets full of clothes?

I think they are richer than all the blood line of the Rockefellers and Rotschilds combined, with more money than IMF and ECB because they have “money for the soul” and that’s for what we all should live.

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