10 questions you will surprise yourself asking

Let’s say you are a normal person with a normal 9-5 job, normal family, normal ups, normal downs, normal dreams, normal desires, normal vices, how to put it better…normal life and as you get up from your desk and go for the normal food joint where you’re eating everyday your normal lunch, an abnormally huge billboard (that in a normal day you wouldn’t notice but today you are 1% more aware than normal)  is stuck in the  middle of the street  and on this huge billboard are this 10 questions:

  1. How many hours a day you spend with your family? (Typically a normal job person spend 8+ hours a day at work and only 3-4 hours with the family)
  2. Do you really love what you do for a living? (Most of the people really don’t like their jobs and dream of doing something else. Stay away of people telling you that you cannot make money from doing what you like.)
  3. About what you worry most of the time? (Maybe it’s geographical and in this part of the world, Eastern Europe, everybody’s thinking and worrying about dam’ money.)
  4. When is the last time you made a surprise to you, your family/loved one/friends/enemies? (Tough question, we’ll get more on that later in another post)
  5. How much time in the day you’re laughing? (Laughing and getting the funny part of everyday life is good for the soul.)
  6. How many of your friends is calling just to see if you’re ok? (Not many huh?! Actually an infinite small number than the friends on Facebook.)
  7. What is the last adventure you were on? (Happy those who can name a recent one)
  8. Would you change your life 180 degrees staring now? (People find it nearly impossible to do that but i think if you’re not satisfied with your life, once you do it, the reward is fantastic.)
  9. Are you really happy with your present life? (Don’t get philosophical on that, answer based on your values of life)
  10. Who wrote this crappy list? (You frustrated bastard…….)

There can be only 2 or 3 questions or there can be 100 questions, make yourself a list and answer with a clean heart and mind, see where you can improve and start working on it, it’s not easy but i say it once again…the reward is fantastic!

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