First post of the blog!

Here we are! First post of the blog!

Go For the Red Pill is aimed for people who need and want to make changes in their lives, a way to compile recipes for a more happy and serene life. (Also check the About link)

The idea of this blog came to me after a series of events and encounters in the course of let’s say 5 years.

I saw in the past years all this technological hypes, all this huge consuming, people running for more and more money and possessions, people going crazy, not caring about one another, eating bad food, keeping their eyes on the smartphones and tablets and not at the beauty of nature, going away from the simple things that have greater and healthier impact on you.

But despite all this, recently, i came to see people waking up, people who started to realize what brings more joy in their lives and what matters more than what they used to strive to achieve.

I started to understand people who said one day: “Screw it all!!! I don’t need three cars, four mortgages, big 3D TV with 9999 channels, new IKEA furniture every year, knives that cut through Christmas trees, pills that can make you slim only if you touch the box or even if you only think at them, extra cheese, extra mayo, extra fries when you only need a decent healthy meal for you to function properly, octo-core  smartphone to play Angry Birds and watch tweets of your friends, ten social networking sites with 1000+ friends and only 2 (if you’re lucky) really calls you to meet you for a cup of tea!”. (Trust me, this list can go on and on).

Think about your life as it is now and think how you can change it in a better way. You heard that thousands of times but now, really do it!!!

Remember, as a good friend of mine said “smalls things make perfection, but perfection is not a small thing”. ^-^

Have fun, love your family (that can include anything), follow this blog, stay positive and hope for the best !!!


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