Buy a bicycle!

That’s what i did, and i’m loving it more and more each day! It’s a second hand 2004 Giant GSR 500 mountain bike that i will convert for touring. (more on this in another post)


As a kid i loved riding a bicycle, in fact i was riding everyday, in the high school i played basketball in the street for hours but in the past years, my exercise was getting in and out of the car and walking with the kid.

It was all routine and i’m a guy that get bored really quick, all i did was going to the 9-5 job, home to take the kid out and play, home for bath and papa (food) and nighty night.

Benefits of riding a bicycle:

Don’t get me wrong, i try to make fun every aspect of the day but if you can escape 1-2 hours to ride with the bicycle in the wind it’s very refreshing.


  1. riding a bike is very healthy;
  2. have no impact on the climate;
  3. saves you money; (you can commute to work)
  4. it’s boredom proof because the landscape is changing slowly and you can record the views better (not like in a car).
  5. it’s fun! Also kids love it!

Have fun !!!


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